July 2015


July was full of lazy summer activities. Ball games, sitting by the pool, riding bikes, drinks on the balcony and getting ice cream. Probably too much ice cream!

It was also my birth month! I honestly can't believe that I'm 28 now. I feel so, well, old.  One of my friends put it perfectly, "In my head I still feel like I'm 21, but.. I'm not. I'm almost 30!" For my birthday we went kayaking for the first time ever. It was.. interesting. My lack of coordination never ceases to amaze me, but we survived. We finished out the night with pizza and beers at Motor City Brewery and sat on the rooftop and enjoyed the warm summer air. This was one of the first times in my (adult) life that I had taken off my birthday and had a *special* day all for me.


A good friend left work this month to pursue other interests and it definitely made me think a lot about the career path ahead of me and the opportunity (and fear!) of trying something new, uncharted, and difficult. Ultimately, I think that I'm making the right decision. It has been a year of ups and downs after leaving teaching, something that was so inherently me - to pursue pure chance and a completely unknown path. It has been extremely rewarding so far, but I am preparing myself to have some lingering sadness come fall when everyone I know is getting their classroom set up.


Ultimately July was slow, lazy and warm... everything it should be! ;)